Hemanth Santhosh & Co Advocates & Legal Consultants
Health Laws
Company Law
Tax Laws
Environmental Laws
Transactional Advisory
An illustrative list of the services provided is as follows:
Health Laws
  • Compliance advice on health care regulations, statutory registrations/ licenses.
  • Appearance before statutory authorities.
  • Conduct of workshops and training programs aimed at equipping health care professionals and institutions in terms of legal compliance.
  • Drafting and conduct of medical negligence cases.
  • Legal advice incidental to evolving innovative health care policies
  • Legal advice on drugs and pharma laws and appearance before statutory authorities.
Company Law
  • Conduct of cases before National Company Law Tribunal, Kochi.
  • Regular statutory compliance advice
  • Drafting and vetting of statutory and company constitutional documents
  • Advice on compliances under Companies Act & various other statutes
Tax Laws
  • Legal advice on goods and services tax and appearance before statutory authorities.
  • Legal advice on Income Tax Issues & appearance before statutory authorities
Environmental Laws
  • Legal advice on environmental regulatory compliance for existing and new ventures
  • Appearance before statutory authorities.
Labour Laws
  • Drafting/vetting of employment contracts/HR policy
  • Advising on separation of employees in the context of business restructuring
  • Advising on labour disputes and trade union issues
  • Appearance before Industrial Tribunals
  • Assistance with domestic enquiry/disciplinary proceedings
  • Advising on routine labour law compliances
Transactional Advisory Services, which includes
  • Legal compliance advice on foreign contribution regulation act.
  • Advice on FEMA regulations & related compliances.
General Legal Services
  • Drafting/ Vetting of all commercial agreements including software license agreements, customer contracts & vendor agreements.
  • Review of existing agreements from a risk perspective.
  • Negotiation of disputes with counter parties for amicable settlement.
  • Review of loan/ security documents.
  • Assistance with statutory registrations/ licenses.
  • Response to show cause notices & appearances.
  • Advice on privacy issues.
  • Title due diligence at the time of purchase/ leasing of property.
  • Preparation and sending of legal notices/ responses.
  • Litigation management across various locations/Courts.
  • Conducting workshops/ training sessions.
  • Advice on defamatory issues.
  • Drafting of share purchase agreements and negotiations.